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What does a dog need?

It’s a question we all ask ourselves when we get a new puppy. How much exercise do they need? How many times should we feed them? We all have questions to ask a dog boarding kennel.

Those answers come easily for many as they’ve had dogs throughout their lives. For others, it takes a lot of research to make sure their fur-family is properly taken care of. That said, many people do the research once and then leave it at that.

Questions to Ask A Dog Boarding Kennel.

What about when it isn’t you doing the caring? Are you certain your pups are getting what they need? If you do a quick search on Google, you’ll find there are many dog-boarding kennels in Kingston. But how do you choose? Are reviews enough? For some it is, for others, you may have a dog that needs specialized care. Here are 5 questions many people don’t think about often but should be high on your list when you’re doing your research.

How much space will my dog have in the Kennel?

There are a lot of people who will tell you how big your crate should be, but is your pup staying in a crate all day? At home, they have the luxury of sleeping on the couch or bed. In a professional kennel, do we want our pups to be in a space they can only get up and turn around in? Our suites at the Loyalist Barkway are designed for large dogs. Not only do they have space to lay down in, but they can get out to their own runs to sniff the fresh air.

How many other dogs will my dog be with in the kennel?

We all wish our dogs were perfect with everyone. That would let us release them into a large pack and nothing would go amiss. Unfortunately, some dogs are reactive, while others are just downright bullies (pardon the pun). It’s important for you to know how your dog is going to fit into a social group. Are they chosen at random? How many dogs should be together? We limit our group sizes to no more than 6 so we can maximize the fun. This allows any social guests to get the right group so they can either go out and play together or just sniff around near others doing the same.

Will my dog have indoor-outdoor access?

Not every facility has individual outdoor runs for their guests and that’s okay. What matters is how much time your fur-family will have outdoors versus in their kennels. While there is no perfect balance, you want to choose a kennel who weighs the individual needs of their guests against the weather, the individual space that guests have and whether they have protection from the elements.







At the Loyalist Barkway, our service guarantee is for 5 times a day with each being 15 to 20 minutes. We have multiple runs so we can engage our guests better. Some dogs work best in our smaller yard while others need space to run so they get to play in the larger yard. When you’re choosing a kennel, you want to choose one that fits the needs of your fur-family. The size of the yard can actually be too big if the kennel attendant can’t cross the space quickly.


Because dogs are dogs and a heated argument can quickly escalate if the attendant can’t see it. Additionally, a large yard can make a bad situation worse when some dogs don’t want to go back inside.

What do they clean with?

Cleaning in the era of Covid19 has become a topic that everyone is acutely aware of. When it comes to your fur-family, you want to ensure the kennel is using proper cleaning solutions. This means some things like vinegar aren’t strong enough and bleach is too strong. We’ve opted for enzyme sprays to break down urine and hospital/food grade disinfectants, but not every kennel does.

Don’t be afraid to ask what your kennel uses and while you’re at it, ask them how often they use it. There’s no question that accidents happen, but you can’t leave it like that. An accident on the floor if not properly cleaned can become a habit for some guests. We need to be vigilant to ensure it’s cleaned properly every time. The same is true when it comes to disinfecting, especially when virulent strains of kennel cough and other more dangerous diseases are going through the community.

What happens when it’s hot?

Is the facility climate controlled? Not just air-conditioned, but heated too? As much as I’d love to open our patio doors all the time, there are certain times of the year that we need to keep the air moving to keep pups cool. Knowing that your dogs are cared for in an environment that’s focused on their optimum temperature is important. That means proper ventilation for every kennel. Having one room that’s got ac isn’t enough. Every guest deserves the proper care. Throwing a blanket on the floor isn’t enough.

Ask the hard questions

It’s important that you keep asking the important questions. Your pets deserve the best care possible. Sometimes a tour can enlighten you on these issues but don’t hesitate to ask.

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