Our goal at the Loyalist Barkway Boarding Kennels is to offer the best care for your fur-family so you can have a guilt free time away.

9675 HWY 33, BATH, ONTARIO K0H 1G0

The Kennel

The Loyalist Barkway Boarding Kennels is situated on 68 acres of picturesque land on Lake Ontario. We have a 3000 sq. ft climate-controlled facility designed specifically for dog boarding.

The smaller rooms are perfect for cats while the larger suites are for dogs. Each dog suite is 6 ft by 6 ft indoor with a 6 ft by 9 ft exterior run. Every room has its own Kuranda raised dog bed and can accommodate up to three dogs from the same pack. We never double occupy your dog with anyone else’s dogs.


Dog Walking

One of the most beautiful elements of the property is the apple orchard.

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The orchard is a sprawling area populated by hundreds of apple trees. Winding through these trees and the white pine forest beyond are many paths that our guests can be walked on several times a day in groups or alone if you choose our premium privacy care.

Outdoor Run

We have two runs, one 6,000 sq. ft and the other 15,000 sq. ft adjacent to the dog kennel.

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For the socialite guest, we can introduce them into a group of no more than six to ensure they are properly socialized and exercised. A thorough interview with you regarding your desires as well as your dog’s social skills is necessary to determine whether this is appropriate. Dogs are supervised at all times.


With a groomer on site, we offer full grooming services.

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Whether you just need a touch up or a full clip, we have what it takes to bring your vision to life. Grooming services include brushing, clipping/trimming, baths, nails, ear cleaning, and tooth cleaning.



Daycare double occupancy (second dog) 13 35
Nightly Boarding 35
Nightly Double occupancy (second dog) 20 55
*Afternoon checkouts will be charged a day of daycare. This charge is waived if you check in in the afternoon.
Privacy – per family 20
Cat 20
Cat Double Occupancy (second cat) 10
Separate Feeding 5
Excessive Cleaning per day 15
Brushing (15 minutes) 10
Trail walking per 30 minutes (Max once per day) 20
Behavioural Training
(Call for Details)
Online Training
(Call for Details)
Groom Bath De-shed
Toy 55 25 40
Small 65 25 50
Med 75 40 60
Large 85 50 75
Xlarge 95 60 80
Doodle Add $10 per equivalent size
Long-haired dogs may incur a $10 drying charge for baths.
Nails 10
Dremel Nails 15
Foot and nails 20
Nails and ears 20
Exessive Matting $10 and up

Core values:

Every dog lives by a set of rules. By following these rules, we can ensure their stay is the best possible experience. We do this by:



Providing a safe and harmonious environment for every guest.


Doing what’s best for the dog first


Making sure we understand what the dog needs every time.


Giving every team member the opportunity and tools to succeed at their jobs and achieve their personal goals.

Dog Daycare

Sometimes you just can’t leave your dog at home. Whether they have separation anxiety or just don’t get enough exercise, doggie daycare is an excellent way to give your dog the best treatment and to ensure that they don’t go home with too much energy.

We accommodate one meal a day for our daycare guests as well as access to the walking and dog run facilities. That means when you pick them up in the afternoon, they are well exercised which will make them better behaved at home.

Overnight Stay

When you go on extended vacation, you never want to worry about who’s taking care of your dog. Why should you? They’re a part of your family and you want to make sure that they are having as good a time as you are.

Our overnight guests are fed twice a day and get to play in the large yard up to 5 times a day.  Complimentary dried liver treats are provided with owner’s consent.

Don’t worry if your four-legged family member requires medication. We will happily administer simple medications up to twice a day. A small fee may apply if more complex medications are necessary.

It is always a good idea that you bring your own dog food to reduce anxiety and upset stomachs caused by a sudden change in diet.  Personal belongings like toys and beds are unnecessary, but welcome if desired; however, we cannot guarantee their safe return.



Some dogs require extra time. As an option, you can choose our premium privacy package that will give all the same amenities as our other guests, but on a fully private basis. Whether your dog is timid or aggressive, they shouldn’t be penalized. They deserve the same service as everyone else.



Not sure if you should leave the cat at home? Sometimes a feline family member needs a pampered experience. If this is for you, then we’ve got 3 dedicated rooms just for you. Our feline guests are provided with cat trees and plenty of attention, and if appropriate for your cat, can be let out to socialize in the lobby with us while we work at the desk.

We strongly caution you that although we do have high quality cat food on premises, you should bring your own to ensure as little stress on your cat as possible.


Lose your leash? Don’t worry.

If you haven’t been home yet to make sure you have enough food or supplies for your fur-family member, we offer a selection of dog food as well as treats, toys and supplies. We believe in high quality food and offer Lifetime grain free filled with only ingredients that your dog should be eating. We also offer raw bones.


Trail walks

With over 5km of trails throughout the property, there’s plenty of places for your fur-family to explore.

When you choose leash-walking through the trails, we take your fur-family on various length walks.


Trail Membership

By taking a trail membership, you gain access to the trail network with your fur-family to use in any season.

Trails range from half an hour to an hour and a half. Bring your lunch and have a picnic with your fur-family in the picturesque groves.



Sometimes your pet may have a quirk that you may not appreciate.

Whether they need help to learn better recall, to not jump or to walk on a leash, we can help you through in-kennel sessions of daycare or weekly boarding.


Online Puppy Training

Though we wish it to be true, puppies can’t train themselves.

That’s why we’ve created online training for you. This training is designed for the busy person who doesn’t have much time to learn but wants their puppy to have the best chance of success.


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