It happens at least once every summer. You and your family sit around the kitchen table arguing over where to go on vacation.

Four people, four destinations. It takes a long time, but finally a destination is chosen. Kingston. The limestone city, considered one of the most beautiful places in the world with the thousand islands and lake Ontario in view. It’s where the world comes to tour.

Once wearing the title of Canada’s capital, Kingston has one of the highest densities of historical locations in Canada. Fort Henry, one of the chief tourist attractions is a great place to spend the day as is the wharf and the several options for thousand island tour boats.

Once your decision is made there is the growl from under the table to remind everyone of your new pup. There is an audible silence around the table.


What do you do? Dog sitter?
Maybe your mother can take her?”

But then someone suggests you take her. Why not?

Whether you’re travelling from Toronto or Montreal or you live locally and you’re planning a staycation, Kingston is a perfect location.

In fact, a family with a canine fur-family member can enjoy many benefits from Kingston. In Kingston, you can balance the duality of boarding your dog over night with the enjoyment of their company at some of the greatest places in Canada.

According to Canadian Dogs, Kingston is considered the number 5 city in Canada for friendliest towards dogs. That said, alhough there is a large number of hotels that are dog friendly, you can’t simply take your fur-family everywhere you want to.

The solution is to find a dog boarding kennel in the Kingston Region that will accommodate you coming and going. Imagine being able to visit those places you can with your dogs in Kingston or surrounding cities during the day and then exploring the night life without worrying about your hotel room. Finding a dog boarding kennel in Kingston is the perfect solution. 

But is it worth it?

Are there enough attractions to warrant bringing Bowser with you?

6 things you can do with your dogs in Kingston

1. Off-leash Parks In Kingston 

Off leash parks are hard to come by and though there are some rules to follow, they do offer you some fun in the sun while you on vacation. Being able to play off leash with your fur-family is something worth celebrating.


2. Go to Wolfe Island With Your Dog

Rise early one day and pick your dog up at the boarding kennel on your way through Kingston to the ferry to Wolfe Island. The beauty starts on the way over as you cross the water. You and your pup will love the water and cool breeze and Wolfe Island offers quite a few amenities for dogs. Check out this review.


3. Dog Friendly Stores To Frequent In Kingston

It’s a pretty good feeling being able to go into a store with your dog. There is a level of respect you suddenly have for the owners. Of course you will clean up, but then again, the likelihood of an accident is mitigated by the fact that as a responsible pet owner, you wouldn’t bring an aggressive, fearful, or unsocialized animal into Kingston in the first place. Here is a list of dog friendly locations.

4. Chez Piggy, The Dog Friendly Restaurant in Kingston

On the list of dog-friendly stores, you will find the restaurant Chez Piggy. Stepping up for responsible pet owners, this gem of Kingston offers a patio for your fur-family. Enjoy your meal without sacrificing your dogs. The best part? The restaurant is worth the visit alone.

5. Take Your Dogs To Sandbanks

Though limited, Sandbanks, a short trip from Kingston, is dog friendly. Check out this link if you want to know the rules.

6. Take Your Dog to Charleston Lake Park

In the time it takes you to wake up the kids, you can grab your pup from the boarding kennel and scoot down from Kingston to Charleston Lake Park. The park is most definitely dog friendly.

Planning your vacation can be difficult as try to make everyone happy. Too often your fur-family becomes an afterthought that everyone regrets when it’s time to head out.

Traveling with your fur-family is a great option. Most people choose a hotel that’s pet friendly only because they’re passing through. On the other hand, using a dog boarding kennel while you’re in Kingston is a great way to balance your fun with your family and your fur-family.

Take advantage of the great things Kingston has to offer without sacrificing your time with your dog.


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